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  • Listening to: TheFatRat - Never Be Alone
  • Reading: The Jungle Book
  • Watching: Voltron season 2
  • Playing: FF XV
  • Eating: Sushis
  • Drinking: Flower Tea


Some of you may have followed the comic since the beginning and, yup, the 13th of March it would be one year. *u* So I decided to oppen a contest from today to the 10th of March, and I'll announce the winners the day of NextTale's anniversary. OwlieB will help me to choose them and I hope you'll be many to give a try! >u< ♥


"What can I do for the contest?"

• ANYTHING YOU WANT! You can draw a scene from the comic or the characters you like the most, or imagine a new scene, or do a comic! You can also animate, make a cake, write a fanfiction, do a video or a song or I don't know... A N Y T H I N G! We'll reward creativity and originality. *^*

"What is the deadline?"
• You have from today to the 10th of March to submit your entry for the contest!

"May I do more than one entry?"
• Sure you can! Do as many as you want. ♥

"Can I do something for the winners and participate?"
• OF COURSE. Just tell us in the comment what you want to give!


(more can be add)
♦ First Place
• 100 points from Niutellat
• Full drawing with background (4 characters max) from Niutellat
• Doodles from OwlieB

♦ Second Place
• 50 points from Niutellat
• Drawing without background (3 characters max) from Niutellat
• Doodles from OwlieB

♦ Third Place
• 25 points from Niutellat
• Chibi (2 characters max) from Niutellat
• Doodles from OwlieB


Blair and the GonerKid (NT CONTEST) For @Niutellat(This is external PDV)
Blair had heard all of these echo flowers with Flowey and Ghosty. And when he goes to the "Cheese in a crystal" room, he hears a little "scouik". It is kinda cute!
"There's a lot of mouses in the Underground. Impressive" He says. "Well, Blair..." Starts Ghosty "We should get going before anything wrong!"
And then, they go onto the next room. Buuuut... Something isn't right... What is that corridor? Blair don't know, like Flowey and Ghosty... There is a grey door. The little orange haired boy walks to the door by curiosity. He should know that the thing he is doing is not the great action. I am sure he knows about it. What I mean by "I", it's that I am the narrator. Right now, I am doing the same thing. But anyways, let's return into the story. "What's that door, Ghosty?" Asks Blair. "Uhm... I don't remember that grey door... Maybe you should ask the stupid flower!" Answers Ghosty. And Flowey don't seem very happy about what Ghosty said... Flowey is going to say s
For Niutellat - Happy 1st Anniversary NextTale! by NguTheShiningTalent  Poem for Nexttale!Player or pawn?
You seem empty inside.
No family nor friends.
Only a light,
then the darkness.
yet darker.
The beginning of a new world,
what lies in store?
Neither friend nor foe.
A soul of pitch black,
just what could it mean?
Are thou an angel,
or devil in disguise?
D I S S O N A N C E (ost)  Entry for NextTale contest: 663RD person POV
Area where Frisk was being chased by Undyne on a bridge.
F.U.N. 66
The cool air pricked at Blair's skin as he walked along the path following Flowey's directions.
   "A-Are you sure about this Chara?" An echo flower spoke.
   "I have no choice, the monsters must be freed." Another one said. Flowey started to feel tense, unpleasant memories coming back.
   "Can you walk faster?" Flowey asked.
   "N-no not really." Blair said. "The path is too narrow."
   "Well I can fly." Ghosty said.
   "Not helping..." Blair mumbled.
   "I know." Ghosty said smugly. They came to a part of the bridge where it was cut off.
   "It just... stops?" Blair asked.
   "It does now, Frisk fell down and was fine though. You should just jump." Flowey said.
   "Wait Frisk was down here?!" Blair asked. "They said they were on vacation!"
   "How do you think the monsters got to the s
Next tale poem, part one.Once upon a time in the underground,
There wasn't a single soul around.
When a child fell down from the mountain top
Not knowing when his fall would stop.
When he awoke he was somewhere new
Alone in the dark with memories few
Lost and afraid, so far from home
He wandered about, everywhere he did roam.
In the ruins he met a small flower
Though at first he was nice quickly turned sour.
The child had thrown a small stone
As soon as his soul's color was shown.
"Why'd you hit me? How dare-"
The flower was mad, but the child didn't care.
"Are you one of them, a monster?" Asked the child,
"Because I hate them all!" He said, eyes wild.
The flower replied that he hated them too.
They had left him to rot, to sit and to stew.
But now he was no longer alone,
He promised to help the child get home.
They went through the house that had been forsaken.
They thought they were alone, but may be mistaken.
Out of the ruins and into the snow.
Walking alone? They didn't know...
A ghost appeared, and boy wer
(CE) Nextale by Leariz  Keep Your Heart Close. by TheNurseInBlack 
24 deviations
[Animal Falls] - Mystery Twins
After a li'l Villager!Bill, here we have Villager!Dipper and Villager!Mabel. Mystery twins 2 gravity falls icon (broken)Mystery twins 1 gravity falls icon (broken) 

I thought to make them as a deer and a doe because of Monster Falls, and the Centaure Dipper.
Don't hesitate if you have any suggestion for writting some stuff about them like I did with Bill. *A*
[Animal Falls] - Bill
Design available on Redbubble!

After seeing Laureth-dk posting some Animal Crossing's doodles on Tumblr, I really wanted to draw Bill as a villager, I dunno why.
I may draw other characters of the show in an animal form when I'll have some spare time. ouo which I don't have 'cause I've a TON of project to finish omg

Some stuff about Villager!Bill:
• He is a glitch of the game, and he's always breaking the rules because of that (can live in your house, go into the ponds, climb the trees, etc)
• Would propose you to make a deal with him;
- If you do accept, he'll take the control of your character, destroy your flowers, change the place of your home furniture and then make the game crash without saving
- If you don't accept, he'll try to understand why you don't want by asking you many and many and many questions until you say yes
• May or may not call you by the name of the main tree of your village: cherrytree, peartree, etc
• Will always give you strange objects, like a head that is always screaming or giant teeth
• Send letters written in Cipher code
Meet the Artist - Niutellat
DOWNLOAD FOR A BETTER VIEW. Behold my dear buddies: ME! Evil Laugh [Gravity Falls]

I saw many artists doing this lately and I really wanted to draw one of my own huhu.
Maybe I really do love a lot of things 'cause I don't even put everything. ouo

I also love Voltron, Ghibli movies, Harry Potter, Monsters, Pokemon, Naruto, D.Gray-Man, One Piece (and A LOT of mangas), etc etc etc.
I was really hard to choose the stuff I put on this picture but.. I think this is the things I love the most, from ALL THE STUFF I love.

And, of course, I do love you all. Pikachu Loves It Plz 
  • Listening to: La La Land OST
  • Reading: Percy Jackson HOO - tome 2
  • Watching: Bojack Horseman season 1
  • Playing: FF XV
  • Eating: Cornflakes
  • Drinking: Milk
This time, I've been tagged by TheNurseInBlack huhu, so.. LET'S GO!

Tag 8 people you want to know better.
:iconatlas-white: :icontrashraccoon: :iconnagisa-imouto: :iconrenakodream: :iconleariz: :iconlittlemousecook: :iconcharaluvachocolate: :iconendlessundertale:
Yes Leariz you're tagged two times for this. I don't regret anything. 8D

Name: Marie Reine Liliane, that's my full name but you can call me Moose.

Star sign: Capricorn (17th of January)

Average hours of sleep: From 2 to 5, and even 0 sometimes when I've school (hullo insomnia) and between 10 and 12 when I don't have to wake up, like in holidays or in the weekend.

Lucky number: 3

Last thing I googled: I googled to see if it was right to write "capricorn" in english or if there was another word for this sign. :( /noshame/

When I started this account: More than 8 years ago. I started it the 29th of September 2008 when I was 12. ouo

Amount of watchers: 1,797 omg /dies because of the feels/

What do I post: My alternative universe's comic about Undertale, and most of the time drawings from the fandoms I like, and OC. Lot of OC.

Do I run any more blogs: YES. I've a Facebook's page, an Instagram account, a Twitter's and Tumblr's.

Do I get a lot of comments: Yes omg, every day. I love them A LOT. *A*

Why did I choose this username: First, it was Niu-powaa (okay don't judge I was 12 :c /dies/), and the word Niu came from one of the first mangas I've ever read: Nui. But, welp, I always wrote it wrong and so Nui became Niu, and also it became the name of my main OC, the cat with the scarf. It was only in - 2012 I guess, that a dude on a forum told me a pun with my username and used to called me "Niutellat" instead of Niu. It was a pun between Niu and Nutella you know and - I really liked it! So, here's the story of that strange username I'm using everywhere now. :')



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