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Rusty O'Connor History.

As Rusty is too young to remember these memories there, they will be told by an omniscient narrator.
It all started a few years ago that, ten years ago to the present day, in a small house in a beautiful town called Dublin Ireland, where two children were emerging. The first born and became the second name Dirty, Rusty. Two young children, barely out of the womb of their mother, Elizabeth O'Connor, as already resembled copies. Only the youngest of the twins, Dirty, was somewhat more robust than its predecessor, Rusty. How to explain that Dirty was born first happened to be the youngest? Well, it says in the Anglo-Saxon countries the oldest child, was the last out, because it would have started to grow slightly before his twin and it would be recovered over its copy. So, Dirty was the youngest and the eldest Rusty, although in other traditions this story would have been questioned. But this is not history.

Life began normally mono-zygotic twins, so there is almost nothing to say about this passage in their lives. Everybody's confused all the time, nobody knew that differentiate and good fun two young children, no problem, exchanged place with each other in front of people of the area, with few neighbors and friends in their age group. They learned the basics of English with their parents, simply, they do not wish too send them away from home unattended by the running time. People disappeared without a trace, we talked about serial murders for no reason. Was that Jack the Ripper was happening to them in Ireland? And then, all young children were removed, too, and nobody could really know where they were taken and no parent who lost his child was one day hoping to find them alive, or find them all. Patrick and Elizabeth then decided to educate their own children, for fear of losing one day, much to the grief of those who, in the carefree children, dreamed one thing: learning with other children and make friends other than three or four children in their neighborhood. But there were no complaints, they were forced to stay here in their home and in their main street. Dirty dreamed of visiting the world and its riches, while his twin, he more reserved, asked only rarely and the rest showed little disappointment at staying in their street terribly empty school days.

Rusty here can speak again.
I was not afraid of the people who kidnapped children, I did not know what they looked like and I did not want to know. One of my neighbors told me once, these men dressed in black, came to the school to take a child with them. Since that day no one had seen him. I never thought that one day they would pick us up, Rusty and me and then Mom and Dad would not let them do it. I thought we were safe where we were. Given that we come out one or two hours a day and our parents always kept an eye on us, we risked nothing, nothing could happen to us, we remain strong. But once it does not happen like that, I can not forget that day, it was fine. Rusty and I were playing outside parties right after the end of classes of our neighbors as our usual. We only had two friends, Chelsea, a very dear friend and my brother Neil, my best friend. I remember I took our ball outside and we started playing there on the road that was frequented only by a few carriages between noon and one o'clock, otherwise nothing, the stone road was always for us and for our games, we risked nothing, finally that's what we thought at the beginning ..

I do not know how long we played well without worrying about anything without fear of threat to us. But our friend, Rusty and I behaved strangely since she had returned from school, we had noticed, but his father was dead, so we understand it can be sad. So we do not take account of this in the beginning, it was strange. She had barely spoken, but played as usual, nothing to do with his attitude did not change compared to usual, we did not understand. We were too stupid to understand it. If we understood none of this would have happened. I remember the ball fell at his feet and she did not react. Neil approached her and began throw him a few words, while stooping to retrieve the ball.

- Hey Chelsea, are you okay ?

These words were the last spoken by our friend, indeed, in a fraction of a second, the body of our little Chelsea turned into a giant ball strange, I later learned these things called 'Akuma' and that ate sadness and hatred of the people, it would be used the pained soul of Chelsea to take possession of it and a gun murderer, pierced, stria the body of our friend. We cry, saw his body covered with many small stars, until the skin is completely black, we threw a little look and exploded for no apparent reason. My older brother started to cry, to scream, as I felt my hands shake as the rest of my body, I was paralyzed with fear, I did not know what to do. If we returned to the house, she would kill us with our parents? I did not know what to do, I'd always been there for my brother, here I am totally lost. Its guns pointing at me, I'm waiting my time come, when the thing imploded on itself after a slight noise of detonation. We do not understand anything that was happening? Everything was so confused! That's when we saw this man in black, who had saved our lives and that was unscrupulously broken into the most pieces possible.

A woman in black arrived, we watched in disbelief. How the man in black had managed to kill this thing? How did they know he was going to be there? What would they do with us now? Terrorized, we fixâmes a long time, the woman in black a few words to his partner in another language and it seemed to approve what she said, thanks to the tonorité of his voice. The man turned to a black thing flying close to him and continued to speak in that language. Who could he go? Was that the thing he was talking about? In any case, the words of the stranger gave us cold in the back, as well as those of his flying contraption that seemed not succeed in forming a correct sentence. The thing might be broken?

- There are two kids, they seem to me strong. I leave to bring them back to base?

- ... Affirmative .. Attention .. Reinforcements .. No loss .. Take care ..

- What .. What are you talking about?

Two people wearing black turned to me. A shrill cry is uttered, I recognized the voice of my double, I turned his head slightly, took fright, seeing a new person in black holding the lifeless body of Rusty. Words fail me, had they killed? Another cry was heard, I recognized the voice of my mother at home alone that day. That was the last time I saw her. A third cry sounded. It was none other than my own, I felt down on the ground, untied to any force. Hot liquid dripping from my mouth slightly, I was afraid. I was weak, I could not do anything. What would happen ?

Then it is completely dark.

I will not know to tell you how long I've been waking up. I could sleep for a few hours or a whole week that I have not been able to see the difference, but in any case, I woke destroyed more than ever, a horrible pain lacerating me the whole head. I had been hit? Surely yes. Where was past my big brother? I looked around me, but it was completely dark. My hands were free and I felt nothing in my eyes, it was as black. I was in a room all black, I was totally lost, I began to call my brother. Once, twice, three times, louder. No! I could not be alone! I finally heard his voice, a little bit whiny, a little lost, too, and it became clearer. I was guiding his voice and I could finally find my brother, sitting against the wall, sitting against him. We trembled, but at least we were together, with each other, we never we will leave no one could separate us, I will not let them do that, they had only come after all those pesky black men who had kidnapped and held us here. To reassure my big brother, I challenge his bandana and gave him mine. Even though we could not see anything, we exchanged all the same, it was mine and I his. He asked me why I did that and naturally, I answered that, when we were out of this event, we could again make us, without being sure that one day see the light of day. I was afraid .. And one question remained in my mind as a little ditty we listen a little too ..

So where were we ?

Outside, I heard footsteps and people seemed to talk. I did not hear much of the conversation, I heard our names, that of Rusty and me, and a word I did not understand, they said .. you were a .. compatible with a somewhat strange thing, I do not understand the word. What and who they could talk? We did they want? I was afraid they would come to harm us, after what they had done. Is that Mom and Dad would pick us up? I waited, but they did not come, we had they already left? Oh they knew how much I was scared, but it should not show, as always, I had to protect my big brother, I had to do everything to be a good sister. And if it was them that black men actually wanted? And if we only had kidnapped .. Because they did not know the difference between Rustyet me? I do not know, I did not understand anything in this situation .. An end wall of light pierced the wall to the door frame completely. A black shape stood out this rectangle of yellow light. The light was now everywhere in the room, this room was a little run down and there was a bed a little shabby, but nothing very lush in fact. The man who had just come in the room was not one of the men in black that we had caught my double myself, but there were some grounds for his clothes that were similar to those of the kidnappers, as a strange cross they were all at their chest to the left. The man, meanwhile, was dressed in white and before I could understand black men entered the room, too, the same three that we had taken with them there are some dark days. Why do they smile? They mocked us? I did not know what to say and I had only reflex was to turn to my brother and shake his hand to reassure him, I smiled, but inwardly I was shaking with fear.

The man in white toisait we gaze a stern eye, I later learned was called this man a kind of 'scientific', whereas black men that whispered among themselves like children despite that they would have twenty years prénommaient 'exorcists', it was they who fought these flying monsters who took my soul mate and my friend's life, these 'Akumas'. So many names to remember for things settled meaning .. The man in white approached us and, in his deep voice and impressive, we simply asked a question, a question that I should think twice before answering ..

-Which one of you is Rusty O'connor ?

It was my brother that they wanted it! I strained my eyes and before my big brother can understand, I motioned for him to be quiet without any noise and air challenges, I threw a provocative look at the scientific cross rose. Every word I uttered resonate in my body as a multitude of needles every time I speak today to introduce myself. Here's what killed my half ..

- I am Rusty !

The man show real signs of sarcastic smile, he laughed yellow, he laughed at us and seemed quite satisfied with my answer. I do not understand why. Would they take me and hurt me? What could they do to me? They would still not hurt a child? Neither I nor my brother? They could not .. The man let out a few words to the men in black, asking them to catch the ... 'Kid in red band'. My brother gave a little moan of surprise, it was him they wanted .. Not me! The three men in black came to take him by the hand, forcing him to stand up. I cried, I yelled at them to leave him alone, I clung to the arms of men and freed me without any problems on the bed destroyed that remained there. I fell into a little breathless, while behind, I heard my big brother screaming over and over again, calling me. I sat up somehow to continue, while the light that bathed the room and disappeared suddenly turned back into a rectangle of light end wall of light, until it disappears completely, the howls of Rusty who was away. I knocked against the door, I cried, I asked them to let me go, again and again. I think I felt something running down my fists. I bleeding ?

Many days passed while I was locked up here.
Not a new Rusty, just screaming.
One day, I was totally lost.
The screams were gone.

Days passed while I heard screams day and night, I think it lasted three days. Then one day, the cries stoppèrent net. Nothing. I was not sleeping, I was terribly thirsty and my stomach cried famine. They tried to feed me, but I refused to eat anything until they had not made me Rusty. My eyes hurt so much I cried, my throat was terribly dry as I cried and my fists bled often as I hit the door that kept me away from my beloved brother double. But nothing worked. Sometimes we banged against my door to tell me to shut up and I exécutais, lest I get hurt. I did not say anything then for some time. Therefore, I did not say anything. I no longer had the strength to stand up and hit against the door. I was wrong, and yet I could not sleep, I was so wrong and so scared I could not sleep. What was Rusty? What had they done to him? I could not forget his cries of distress and I could not help but say that all these screams of pain and terror were those of my sister. I did not want them to hurt him, it was not possible .. It was my fault he suffered after all! I never had to pretend to be him, I felt so miserable, I wanted so I did not manage to save him, I should have something more concrete to help. Because of this, I was responsible for the second removal. Now, I only had more than her headscarf to try to cheer me up. I went to see him and give him his bandana, I promised him. We were again, safe and sound. It was a terrible ordeal to overcome and then, we find Mum and Dad and we would find Chelsea and Neil.

It was a long nightmare that I would wake up ..

Soon ..

Wall light reappeared and the man in white appeared before me, I raised my head slightly, shaking with anger and indignation. The man in white came up to me and stared coldly, with a look of disgust on something that I had become the thing weakened and malnourished. He took me by the hand abruptly, as he had done with my brother a few days earlier. I did not even have the strength to challenge or defend myself, so I followed him, head down, his legs trembling. He had me bring my brother, I was certain I had survived the suffering, pain, thirst, hunger, fatigue, isolation, solid black. I smiled, I was happy, but I was especially tired, I was hardly aware of what was happening around me. So I do not know how long they dragged me through long corridors, until they let me go on a platform that rose towards heaven. I fell to the ground, panting. I was so tired, where was Rusty? I wanted to see him again .. Something white faced me, it was awful, but I had no strength to flee, I could only stand there, watching my little blue eyes, the pupils constricted by fear. She would devour me? A picture more shocking pierced me whole body while. The beast held in his hands the lifeless body of my brother and laid beside me. I wanted him, but she caught me in turn. Taken a new burst of energy, I struggled with the screaming little voice that I had. But to no avail. The beast spoke, but his voice I covered by my cries of some nameless terror and especially indignation. I cried that they had killed him dead. I had seen. I cried.

Greater suffering tore me suddenly.

The thing whispered words that I did not really understand, she spoke of innocence, deactivation, but the word that I had heard a few days ago, the 'synchronization'. I did not know what it had to do with me, but I did not really think that. Lacerated me a terrible shock throughout the body, making me shiver and scream, I could not do anything, I was totally blocked. Rusty also suffered this? Oh if only it was not .. not .. I did not want to admit it. He does not need, he would come back to me, I would wake up, a time when another .. But instead, I closed my eyes slowly, everything became blurred and dark, until I can not see anything. I think I'd fall asleep, even though it was much more brutal and painful than a good night's sleep.

Many days have passed as well. Torture repeating every day.

I will not hold much longer. This will be the last time ..

I found myself again in the arms of the monster, scientists said that their efforts would soon bear their fruit. I did not care, I was hoping that this experience spleen and I can find my brother. What had they done to him? They had told me he was dead, no remorse, it was a bunch of brutes. But I did not care. While I had the strength to scream, a bright green light pierced my eyes. Where could it come from? I threw a little look at my hands
crusts and full of blood after former blows the doors. I did worse, I do not understand anything. I smiled slightly, happy not to suffer, but at the same time I was scared. But suddenly gave way to relief the pain, I felt like my gloves that melted into my skin, I screamed, louder than I had not cried so far. My head fell aside when the pain ceased gradually, and my gloves disappeared in a cloud of smoke before coming form almost like the original, but much lighter in color, almost the same color as my skin. I fell into unconsciousness, breathing frantically.

My brother was dead.
My best friends were dead.
I lost my parents.
I was all alone.
I became an Exorcist.

Five years have passed.
So here it's the history of my lovely Rusty ! I hope you'll like him. :3
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